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What is iQSP™?

iQSP™ is an industry leader in providing high school athletic programs. We deliver standard-setting publications that not only enhance the image of the school, but give parents and players something to hold on to for years to come. Each program we design is unique, and includes things such as:

  • Pictures of players, cheerleaders, the mascot, and the band
  • A page dedicated to each sport for that season
  • Senior moms wearing jerseys
  • Highlights and stats from previous seasons
  • Seniors' baby pictures and personalized ads

No matter what you want included, we are here to guide and help you with your program - to make it the very best it can be!

Our Clients

We began working with Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville, TN, and since then, we have worked with schools such as Pope John Paul II, Brentwood Academy, Battle Ground Academy, Nashville Christian School, Ravenwood, David Lipscomb, Harpeth Hall, and many others.

Why use iQSP™?

  • We've been designing and creating programs since 1996. We are simply the best!
  • We assign your school a Project Manager that is on call 24 hours a day!
  • We can compile, design, and even sell all the business advertisements, eliminating all headaches!
  • We provide professional design and premium 4-color printing at wholesale prices!
  • No matter which package you choose, you decide on the price of the programs, sell them at the games, and keep all the money!
  • We offer the iQSP™ FREE PACKAGE that includes a check for up to $3000!

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Jase Tillman

Jase Tillman, Founder, is an addy award-winning designer who began concepting and designing athletic programs in 1996. Jase founded iQ Concepts in 2002 and has produced athletic programs for more than 13 Middle Tennessee private and public schools. He has also worked on projects with Vanderbilt and Belmont University. His vision to expand iQSP to include the new D2 publication has been the guiding creative force behind the now successful company. Jase also owns and manages iQonnect, a Business eDirectory for private schools. Tillman is a 1989 graduate of Brentwood Academy and 1993 alumnus of Samford University and he has a BS in graphic arts. Jase can be reached via email at Jase@iqsp.net.

James A. Tillman

James Tillman, former Director of the High School at Montgomery Bell Academy, is a highly respected educator in the mid-south, and he has joined iQSP as contributing writer, statistician, and chief adviser. His extensive knowledge of the Division II-AA region of private schools brings invaluable credential and acclaim to iQSP and an innovative production to D2. Tillman also teaches upper school math at MBA and compiles sporting statistics for the school seasonally. He has been an educator and local business executive for over 40 years. James can be reached via email at James@iqsp.net.

Connie Smith

Connie Smith, a 1990 graduate of Brentwood Academy, is in her second year with the D2 magazine. Connie led our sales force during our first year, which was not only a huge success, but she certainly played a major role in laying the foundation of our future. She has 16 years of experience in marketing, business development, event planning/management, and public relations. Prior to joining iQSP, Connie worked for M. Lee Smith Publishers as Executive Director of the Employers Counsel Network. Connie graduated with a B.S. in marketing from University of Tennessee in 1994. Connie can be reached via email at Connie@iqsp.net.

Edward Cronin

Edward Cronin has been with iQSP since the birth of the D2 publication. Specifically, he writes and develops content for the magazine. Edward grew up with a father who played in the NFL and is currently writing a book about the NFL during the 1960’s. Edward can be reached via email at Edward@iqsp.net.

Shawn Tidwell

Shawn Tidwell joins iQSP as Director of Sales after 20+ year sales career in the financial services industry as well as a few entrepreneurial ventures. Shawn will lead the sales efforts for our flagship D2 publication. Shawn is a University of Tennessee alum as well as a 2009 graduate of Leadership Donelson/Hermitage. Shawn has been active in the nonprofit community for many years in positions ranging from event volunteer to serving as a Director on nonprofit Boards. He resides in Brentwood with his wife, son, and their two 85 lb. dogs. Shawn can be reached via email at Shawn@iqsp.net.

John Morris

John Morris joins the D2 team as the Vice President of Sales. John will not only run the sales department — focusing on the Chattanooga and Memphis areas — but will also lead D2 and iQ Sport Publications with his vision for long-term growth. John not only has a background in sales, but is also a phenomenal tennis player and coach. John can be reached via email at JohnMorris@iqsp.net.