How It Works

iQonnect focuses on three audiences:

  1. Organizations

  2. Business Providers

  3. Business Seekers


Any school, college, church, association, foundation, corporation, or organized body of people that see a benefit in providing platforms that bring their members closer together.

What are the benefits of setting up a Business eDirectory?

  • Encourages member interaction while promoting new business relationships
  • Provides a trusted resource that your members can turn to for their business needs
  • Provides a great way for your members to advertise and grow their business
  • Provides an opportunity to help your organization meet its financial and charitable goals

How to set up your organization's NEW Business eDirectory:

  1. Contact us and we will guide you through the iQonnect experience.
  2. We create and customize your organization's Business eDirectory to compliment your own website.
  3. You choose whether to keep your Business eDirectory public or semi-private.
  4. We help you promote and drive participation to your new Business eDirectory.

Business Providers:

Why advertise your service in your organization's Business eDirectory?

  • Advertise, promote, and grow your bsuiness with a warm and captive audience...your fellow members
  • Help strengthen your organization's sense of community
  • Help contribute to your organization's financial and charitable goals through our "iQonnect Donation" program

How to create a profile listing and advertise your service:

  1. Go to your organization's website and find the "Business eDirectory" link.
  2. Click on the "Create A Profile" silver button or tab.
  3. Create your's that simple!


Why use your organization's Business eDirectory to find a service provider?

  • Turn to a trusted pool of providers...your fellow members
  • Support your fellow members by using their services
  • Develop new relationships within your organization
  • Strengthen your organization's sense of community

How to find a business provider:

  1. Go to your organizations website and find the "Business eDirectory" link.
  2. Simply scroll down the Business eDirectory's home page or click on any category to filter.
  3. Contact the provider that meets your needs.