How it Works

iQonnect creates Business eDirectories tailored specifically for your organization, encouraging members to use other members when seeking out a business service. Your private Business eDirectory lists and categorizes all business services within your organization - so when one of your members needs a doctor, attorney, plumber, babysitter (you get the idea), iQonnect becomes your trusted source.

iQonnect focuses on two unique audiences within an organization:

  1. Members providing services

  2. Members seeking service providers

Want to advertise your service?

 Why list your service in your organization's Business eDirectory?

  • Advertise, promote, & grow your business to a warm and captive audience...your fellow members
  • Help to strengthen your organization's sense of community
  • Help contribute to your organization's financial & charitable goals through iQonnect's Donation Program

How to create a profile listing and advertise your service: 

  1. Click on "Create a Profile" tab or button
  2. Create your's that simple!

Seeking out a Service?

 Why use your organization's Business eDirectory to find a service provider?

  • Turn to a trusted pool of service providers...your fellow members
  • Support your fellow members by using their business services
  • Develop new relationships within your organization
  • Strengthen your organization's sense of community

How to find a service provider:

  1. Simply scroll down the Business eDirectory's home page or click on any category to filter
  2. Contact the provider that meets your needs

Business profiles include:

Profiles include