• Professional Listing

    $4.95/month or $49.00/year

  • Non-Professional Listing


  • Employment Listing


Automatic reactivation each billing period. Cancel anytime.


What all can I include in my profile?

Name, contact information, picture or logo, web link, email link, and a brief summary of what you specialize in.

Can I edit my business profile?

Yes. By clicking the "Edit Profile" tab, you'll be able to change your profile anytime.

Is my profile free for the world to see?

Your organization has the option to select the eDirectory to be either public or private.

I lost my username and password. What do I do?

Click lost password under "Edit Profile" tab.

How can I add my logo?

You have one place to add an image while building your profile. You can either add your headshot or your company logo.

My internet connection is so slow and I'm not internet savvy. Is there a way for me to print out my organization's eDirectory so that I can keep it by my phone?

Yes, click View All on left sidebar of Business eDirectory for either (or both) Professional and Non-Professional Listing classifications and then print.

How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

Please contact us at or (615) 599-7900.

How do I renew my annual subscription?

Renewals are automatic.

What if I change my method of payment?

Please contact us at or (615) 599-7900.

I think my child's school should offer an eDirectory, as as well as my church. How can I let my school know about iQonnect?

Send them to or have them call (615) 599-7900.

How do I add a photo or logo?

Click on "edit my profile," then click "upload image" and make sure your image is 2mgs or less and is either in a jpeg, gif, or png format.

How do I decide which category I belong to?

We have over 80 job categories. If none seem to apply to your occupation, you can either select "Other" or email us to see if we might add it.

Do I need to register or sign up to view all the business profiles?

No. To search for a service is free and requires no user name or password. All you have to do is go to your organizations website, find the eDirectory link, and click it.

How secure is my payment?

All payments to are securely managed by For your peace of mind, iQonnect does not store, share, or even see your credit card details.

I just added my business listing, but I can't find it. Did you put it under the correct category?

Refresh your browser to see your profile. If your organization has the "Organizational Control" feature turned on, then your profile may be waiting for approval.

What is your credit card refund policy?

iQonnect provides refunds on a pro-rated basis. Please contact us for more information.